There seems to be a big focus currently on encouraging families to be healthy and with the recent roll out of "Healthy Families NZ" we must ensure our disabled kids/young people do not get forgotten or handed crumbs.  With physical activity playing a big part of being healthy , our greatest concern is at the lack of engaging and meaningful sports for our disabled kids/youth to belong to.  With this group of people having higher rates of obesity and obesity related secondary conditions compared to their age matched peers we can no longer sit around and ignore this.  A paradigm shift needs to occur in Youth Sports to ensure every child/youth with a physical disability is engaged as active participators instead of just sitting on the sidelines where they have been sitting for decades. 

Sport NZ strategic plan states:  "Sport is integral to New Zealand's culture and way of life... it improves our well being, helps children's bodies and minds develop and it makes us more resilient as communities and individuals"